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The website www.optopro.ca henceforth referred as the “Site” is owned by Terabit Solutions Inc. which is subject to your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions given below. Please read the Terms and Conditions of www.optopro.ca carefully before using the site or accessing it. By accessing this site, it’s understood that you have read the Terms & Conditions given below and are in compliance and acceptance to the same. If you do not wish to be in compliance with the Terms and Conditions given below, then we request you not to use or access this site.

The website www.optopro.ca henceforth referred as the “Site” is owned by Terabit Solutions Inc. which is subject to your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions given below. Please read the Terms and Conditions of www.optopro.ca carefully before using the site or accessing it. By accessing this site, it’s understood that you have read the Terms & Conditions given below and are in compliance and acceptance to the same. If you do not wish to be in compliance with the Terms and Conditions given below, then we request you not to use or access this site.

Terabit Solutions Inc. reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions on the site – www.optopro.ca periodically, which would come into effect with its immediate upload. You are thereby requested to check the Terms and Conditions periodically and also agree with the same before using or accessing the website. Your continued use or access of our site would be considered your acceptance of the updated Terms and Conditions.

Copyright & Trademarks

The entire data available on this site is protected by Copyscape – international copyright laws. The possessor of the Trademarks and Copyrights are www.optopro.ca, Terabit Solutions Inc., its licensors (third party) or affiliates. At any point of time you cannot post, modify, transmit, copy, republish, reproduce or dispense, in any approach, the data/information on the site – www.optopro.ca which includes its code, graphics, design, software and/or color scheme. You are only allowed to print the data/information that is available on the website only if you promise to use it for non-commercial activities. With this, you do not have the rights to copyright, modify or delete detects from the data/information which is available on the site.

You adhere to reward www.optopro.ca a non-restricted, worldwide, payment free, unending license, with the right to dispense, duplicate, broadcast, sub-license any data/information that is submitted to any form of media, in which you directly or indirectly benefit from. In addition to this, you adhere for www.optopro.ca the right to use your brand/company name in correlation with the distributed data/information in correlation with all promotional and advertising (marketing collaterals) information associated thereto.

All products, services, publications, or content illustrated on the site or herein are the trademarks of www.optopro.ca exclusively. Other brand names or company names illustrated on the site are the trademarks of their respective possessors.

You abide that in any eventuality you will not escape yourself from any misappropriation or infringement (real or assumed) against www.optopro.ca for any ownership in your connections to www.optopro.ca.

Utilization of the site

It is understood by you that www.optopro.ca does not endorse any of the information/data about the products and services that are available over the internet. It only identifies the information/data that is published on its site, i.e. www.optopro.ca. When you are downloading information/data/files from the site – www.optopro.ca, you are downloading them at your own risk. The site does not guarantee nor warrant that the information/data/files downloaded will be free from Trojan, viruses, infection, code that creates destruction or worms. It is your responsibility to put in place sufficient measures and systems to ensure the safety of the data/information/files that are downloaded from the site, to prevent the loss of any data.

You take for granted the complete liability and threat for your use of the site. www.optopro.ca offers the site and associated information/data “as is” and does not make any stated or indirect demonstrations, warranties or endorsements with respect to any merchandise information, service offered throughout the service or generally on the internet, and www.optopro.ca shall not be made liable directly or indirectly for any damage or cost arising from such transactions.

It is exclusively your accountability to assess the value, wholeness and truthfulness of all services, views, merchandise, recommendations and other data offered in the course of the service or on the internet normally. www.optopro.ca does not necessitate that the defects in the service will be corrected or error free or continuous.

Limitation of liability: Disclaimer of warranty

In no event will Terabit Solutions Inc., or any entity involved or any person involved in distributing creating or producing www.optopro.ca or Terabit Solutions Inc., be responsible for any costs, including, with no restriction, secondary, indirect, direct, disciplinary, consequential or particular compensations occurring out of the use of or incapacity to use www.optopro.ca. You hereby accept that the necessities of this section shall pertain to all content on the site.

In summation to the terms described above neither, Terabit Solutions Inc., nor its content partners, information providers or affiliates shall be legally responsible despite of the source or extent, for any omissions, inaccuracies, other defects, errors, or non-authenticity of, the information/data included within www.optopro.ca, or for any intermission or hindrance in the communication thereof to the user, or for any losses or claims occurring there from or circumstanced thereby. None of the preceding parties shall be legally responsible for any losses of any kind, third-party claims or, as well as, but not restricted to, substantial damages, punitive or lost proceeds.

Neither party will be held accountable for any stoppage or setback in act due to conditions beyond its realistic control, as well as, with no restrictions, floods, prohibitions, war, acts of God, fire, riot, accidents, power failures, software failures, network failures, telecommunications failures, internet failures etc. The party influenced by such happenings shall inform the other party in a maximum of 20 days from its happening. In the event of such an eventuality, the agreement shall be pended until the affected party can resume its obligations under this agreement.

If you have any questions concerning Optopro’s products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Support email address is support@Optopro.ca


You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold risk-free Terabit Solutions Inc., the site www.optopro.ca, its partners (owners), third parties, employees, agents and officers from and besides all expenses and claims, as well as advocates’ fees, occurring out of the use of Terabit Solutions Inc. by you or your accounts or anyone who is accessing this service.


Either Terabit Solutions Inc. the possessor of the site www.optopro.ca or you can terminate this agreement at any point of time by giving Terabit Solutions Inc. 30 days notice period. Without limiting the former, Terabit Solutions Inc. has the right to straight away terminate your services/account in the occurrence of any behavior by you which Terabit Solutions Inc., in its sole judgment, deems to be improper, or any breach that is committed by you.

In such situations all the related information/data that belongs to you will be returned as well as the tasks will be completed upto that point only. We do not have a refund policy, and the payments that are made towards your subscription either in advance or for the current month or the subsequent months are non refundable, unless otherwise stated.

Links to third party sites

The links that are available on www.optopro.ca will lead you to their respective sites that are linked to. These linked sites are not within the control of Terabit Solutions Inc. and its site www.optopro.ca will not be held accountable for any link contained in its site, or any updates or changes to such sites. Terabit Solutions Inc. is not accountable for transmission or webcasting received from any of the sites that are linked on its site. Terabit Solutions Inc. through its site www.optopro.ca is making these links available to for your convenience only. Any link that is mentioned on www.optopro.ca is not an endorsement by Terabit Solutions Inc. or www.optopro.ca.

In many situations, the content accessible through www.optopro.ca signifies the judgments’ and opinions of the particular information user, provider, or any other users who are not within the agreement with Terabit Solutions Inc.. Terabit Solutions Inc. neither acknowledges nor is accountable for the authenticity or accuracy of any statements or advice made on www.optopro.ca by any person other than the endorsed spokesperson (employee) of Terabit Solutions Inc. while performing in their official abilities. Terabit Solutions Inc. undertakes no accountability for any damage or loss by you for the information/data that is obtained from the site www.optopro.ca. It is your responsibility to assess the worthiness, wholeness, or correctness of any advice, opinion, content, or information accessible through Terabit Solutions Inc. site. Please consider the opinion of experts, as suitable, concerning the assessment of any particular advice, opinion, content, or information.

30 days free trial

If you sign up on our website for 30 day free trial, we will provide trial for free of charge until the end of the trial period and once free trial ends you may have to take the subscription for a minimum of 1 year. Additional terms and conditions for the trial may be listed on the registration page. These terms and conditions are incorporated into the agreement by reference and are legally binding.

Unless you purchase a subscription to the same services covered by the trial, upgrade to higher-tier services, or export your data before the trial period ends, any data you enter into the services and any customizations made will be permanently deleted. You cannot transfer data or customization from the free trial to a lower-tier service (e.g., from enterprise to professional edition). Therefore, if you choose a lower-tier service, you should export your data before the trial ends to avoid permanent data loss.

Payment for purchased services

Prices are specified in the Order Forms and must be paid. (i) Prices are based on the Services and Subscriptions purchased, not on actual usage. (ii) Amount paid is non-refundable, and payment obligations cannot be canceled. (iii) Package purchased cannot be reduced during the subscription term unless otherwise stated in this agreement or in an Order Form.

You must provide us with current and valid credit card details, a legitimate purchase order, or another acceptable equivalent document. If you submit credit card information to us, we can charge your card for all Purchased Services listed in the Order Form for the initial subscription term and any renewal terms. These payments must be made in advance, either annually or according to any other billing frequency specified in the Order Form. If the Order Form indicates payment by a method other than credit card, we will invoice you in advance, in accordance with the relevant Order Form.

Invoiced charges are payable within 7 days from the invoice date unless otherwise specified in the Order Form. You are responsible for providing us with complete and accurate billing and contact information and for notifying us of any changes.

If any amount you owe under this or any other agreement for our services is 7 days or more past due (or 5 days or more if we are charging your credit card), we may, without limiting our other rights and remedies, accelerate your unpaid fee obligations so that all such obligations become due immediately and suspend our services to you until these amounts are paid in full.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations will only be considered if the request is made within 10 days of placing an order. If the request is made after this period or if the delivery is already in process, the cancellation request will not be accepted.

Refund Policy

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all our products. If the product does not work with your hosting server according to our Support guidelines, you must email us for technical support to resolve the issue. If our technical support cannot resolve your problem, we will issue a refund. To resolve any issue, we will need access to your website (cPanel, Admin Credentials, Database Access). If you cannot provide this information, we will not accept your refund request.

You must follow the Pre-requisite document provided before/after your purchase. Failure to follow these prerequisites will render you ineligible for a refund. You must review the demo of our products and support documents. Failure to review these materials will also render you ineligible for a refund. Once product delivery, setup, and installation have been provided by our team, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Before purchasing any of our products, please read the product details, supported application versions, and check the demo very carefully. Only proceed with the purchase if you are completely satisfied. If you purchase a product and request something not offered, we will not accept your refund request.

You can get a full refund within 30 days after the purchase unless the copyright is infringed. After 30 days, a refund request will not be accepted. Charges for installation, conflict resolution, and customization services are not refundable.


Unsolicited idea submission policy

Terabit Solutions Inc. or any of its workforces do not recognize or acknowledge unsolicited data, ideas, information for new SEO Technologies, processes, internet marketing techniques, promotions, product/service names or marketing plans. We request you not to forward any such creations of your work to us. The only intention of this policy is to evade possible disputes or confusions when Terabit Solutions Inc.’s marketing strategies or products/services may appear as similar ideas to yours. Even after our request, if you continue to send such information/data across, then Terabit Solutions Inc. does not undertake any assurance that such data/ideas/information will be treated as proprietary or confidential.


Terabit Solutions Inc. has no obligation to monitor the content of its site www.optopro.ca, but has the right to establish conformity with this concurrence and any functional rules recognized by Terabit Solutions Inc. and to please any regulation, law or endorsed government request.

Documents accessible on the site

Consent to exercise documents like press releases, FAQ’s, content published on site, marketing collateral, etc from the site www.optopro.ca, offers that (1) the copyright notice that is given above appears in all copies, (2) the documents that are available on the site are for personal, informational and non-commercial use only, which will not be posted, rephrased or copied through any broadcast media or marketing communication channel. Educational institutions can download such documents that can be used for educational purposes in the classrooms only. If the same needs to be distributed outside the classroom, special permission needs to be taken in writing from Terabit Solutions Inc. who is the possessor of the site www.optopro.ca.

If the same is found to be used for other purposes other than that mentioned above, then stringent action will be taken against you for the violations that have been committed. This could result in criminal and civil punishments.


These operating rules and agreement for www.optopro.ca setup by Terabit Solutions Inc. comprises the complete conformity of the parties with regards to the subject hereof, and succeeds all earlier oral or written agreements between the concerned parties with regards to the concerned subject. This conformity shall be interpreted in agreement with the laws of Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

In order for the spiders to carry out their tasks for your respective websites its important that specific tasks are assigned by you to your respective account manager. www.optopro.ca does not carry forward that amount of time that is lost on account of non submission of tasks by you. Neither there would be a refund available for the same. In such cases of non submission of tasks by you, whatever initial information is available the same will be used to perform the SEO related tasks on the URL’s that are available. We do not recommend this, that is why we advise you to define your respective tasks. In case you want us to perform some special processes that does not come within our training sphere, we request you to provide us training on the same, so that your tasks can be performed effectively. The training provided will be within the scheduled hours of your purchased subscription.

All information provided by you to Optopro for carrying out SEO processes like article submission, directory submission, video submission, and all other processes mentioned in the “Optopro” page etc is assumed to be true and given at your own risk and cost. Optopro does not undertake any responsibility of such information. Optopro (a group of Terabit Solutions Inc.) is not liable for any false information provided by you to carry out such processes. We do not check or validate the information that you are providing, so we request you not to falsify the information. In such a case where the information provided by you is falsified or misleading, Optopro is not liable for any direct or indirect consequences arising from it.

If you want us to operate any of your tasks through specified software that is purchased by you, then its necessary information needs to be provided to us and also its licensing agreement. If you do not have a licensed version of your software, then we won’t be able to process your tasks.

If at any point in time your respective tasks have not been completed due to public holidays, illness of our employee/s, power failure, internet breakdown, etc the proportionate amount of time that is lost will be fulfilled at no extra cost to you. We work from Monday to Friday only and we are off on Saturday and Sunday.

By making a payment to Optopro for hiring any of its services, it is understood that you have read and agreed to its Terms & Conditions listed above and will abide by them.

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